Doping ban; it must be cycling!

Today’s Daily Telegraph contains a short piece about golfer Doug Barron receiving a one year ban for using a performance-enhancing drug. It was, presumably, force of habit that caused the paper to use the heading “CYCLING” for the article!

Barron is the first golfer to be caught since drug testing began in 2008, that is forty years after cycling introduced tests.



  1. Joao Santos said

    😉 Cycling doping always produce good headlines!

  2. ontherivett said

    The problem will never go away until the cycling bodies in control of the sport ban Riders that cheat with drugs for LIFE.

    Mind you when it comes to golf having players using EPO might speed the game up a bit a lot of the players set very slow times walking across that fair way.

    Timed Golf now there is a concept !

  3. Ban them for life ! Its the only way of cutting down on the amount of drug cheats in the sport.

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