Cadel 3kph slower than Eddy

So much for nearly forty years progress in bike design and training, Evans won the rainbow jersey at a speed of 37kph compared with Merckx’s average speed of 40kph. it can be argued that I am comparing apples with pears and it is true that the two courses had differences. In 1971 the race covered sixteen laps of 16.8km and on Sunday they did nineteen laps of 13.8km and signifigantly the three extra kilometres were flat. That said the two climbs each lap were the same and 3 kph is a hell of a difference. Don’t forget that on Sunday there were two hundred starters while in Merckx’s era, with no eastern europeans and few English speakers, there would be half that number.

It is always a hoot to see what Merckx got up to after a big win. After Mendrisio Eddy raced five times in the next seven days travelling the length and breadth of Europe. No resting on his laurels for Eddy.

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