Cadel Evans is the man


Nice one Cadel

It is now official greenjersey policy: no more taking the piss out of Cadel Evans. But before it starts what about that crazy “victory salute”? It was sort of like the wave that the Queen gives to her subjects. What’s wrong with the time honoured both hands high in the air? Then there was the obsessive kissing of something on his neck chain, it looked like a ring.

But as I said forget all that stuff and concentrate on a good ride. Not amazing, after all you wouldn’t have known he was in the race until the last ten minutes but he was there when it counted. All credit to the Aussie Director Neil Stephens who put his team on the front when nobody else was interested.

At first it seemed like a typical Worlds with the usual lost cause break but when the Italians split the bunch, I think it was Scarponi who did the damage, taking a big group away it all became complicated. There was plenty of good men in the move including Boonen and Ballan but nobody that you would call a favourite and fortunately just when it seemed that the bunch was out of it the Aussies decided they couldn’t rely on Michael Rogers,their only rider up front, and started pulling the bunch along.

Honourable mention must be made of Gorazd Stangelj of Slovenia who was in the break all race and was still charging off the front on the penultimate lap.

Finally an amazing fact; The rainbow jersey was Evans’s first and only one day win as a pro!


  1. what his only one day win as a pro — bloody hell surely we can take the piss out of him for that ?

    To be honest though it’s nice seeing him win something I mean he looks so miserable when he talks to the press anybody would think he didn’t like the press asking him questions.

    I say well done Cadel may the curse of the rainbow jersey be a just a load of made up mumbo jobo .

    beware of the slap of Evans

    beware of the head butt of Evans


    Well at least he isn’t as uppity as Lance in this moment and look what he’s saying about Floyd

    I won’t forgive Lance saying that he thinks that people should be allowed to return to the sport after having as he says their hands in the cookie JAR

  2. Craig said

    cadel is the man

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