Wiggins accuses Larsson of pacing

This is what Wiggo had to say about Gustav Larsson’s second place in the time trial:

The same for Larsson, I don’t think he is a worthy silver medallist. I think Tony Martin is for me the silver medallist.”   It is certainly true that Larsson was drawn out once he was caught by Cancellara but he didn’t appear, to me, to receive any actual physical assistance. The split times tend to provide mixed evidence and can be argued either way.

At the second 16.6km split Larsson was nine seconds down on Tony Martin. At this point the Swede had not been caught by Cancellara but at the third, 25km split Larsson was thirteen second up on Martin. at that point he was four seconds, or about 55 metres, behind Cancellara on the road. Is that pacing? At this stage it looks as if Larsson was getting a big advantage from being caught bt the Swiss.

Later in the race a different picture appears. Larsson went through the fourth split fourteen seconds or 200 metres behind Cancellara. Surely that cannot constitute pacing yet in the next nine kms he lost just two seconds to Cancellara while Tony Martin lost half a minute.

At the last split before he suffered his mechanical Wiggo was just three seconds down on Martin and may well have been heading for the bronze medal. He was clearly pissed off but why take it out on Larsson who did a great ride and deserved second place.

Wiggo, it would seem, was largely to blame for his own misfortune. Apparently he unshipped his chain and this caused the back brake, located behind the bottom bracket, to rub on the wheel. Now anyone who has ever suffered a rubbing brake knows how annoying it can be, it feels as you are being held back by a giant hand. But you don’t, if you have any sense, dismount and sling your bike down and set off on foot. You carry on riding until your team car comes alongside. Then you change bikes.

An interesting point, assuming Wiggins has not yet signed a contract with Sky will his TT ride have increased or reduced his value? My guess is that he should have signed before he threw his toys out of the pram.


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  1. patrick said

    I agree, Wiggins acted like a 4 year old child….. as for Larsson pacing Cancellara, Wiggins should realize that once Cancellara passed the Swede, Larsson had the legs to minimize the time damage and keep as close as pace as possible to Cancellara, however, when Cancellara passed Wiggins with such ease, Wiggins realized he’s race was over and started looking for an excuse ! to be honest, throwing his bike on the ground like a spoilt 4 year old is not the image cycling needs, and like tennis players who smash rackets off the ground he should be fined by the UCI.

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