Millar and Chavanel on the road to Barcelona

This must surely be the best Tour ever for British fans, with all due respect to Brian Robinson and Robert Millar. I have not forgotten Tom Simpson but lets be honest he wasn’t much of a Tour rider. Cav has delivered as expected and Bradley Wiggins is a revelation, to me at least. Others may claim that they knew all along that he could climb with the best but it has shocked me. I have always believed that he could win De Ronde, if only because he has the same build as Eddy Bosberg, but I thought the Muur at Gerardsbergen would be his limit.

But the ride that exited me the most was Millar’s epic on the road to Barcelona. When he clipped off 29km from the finish he left Sylvain Chavanel for dead. Yes the same Chavanel who has been the strong man of the Quick Step team all year. I don’t think he can use the “I was on a bad day” excuse or Sylvain would have stayed in the bunch not gone looking for a stage win. The truth is Chavanel was beaten by a much better man who truly deserved a stage victory.


  1. Wislon said

    Bradley Wiggins has never looked back since the Southport CC Sunday run led him over telegraph hill and round the summit resevoir three years ago. Riding with the cafe racers of the famous seaside club enabled Bradley to realise how must he must improve to take on the world.
    More old tosh from Wislon! For the record despite having been born in Gent Wiggins is a West London boy through and through. it is true that on marrying a Wigan lass he moved up north and I believe he now lives in the West Lancs. village of Eccleston. This village was the scene of a famous series of evening races in the early seventies and is surrounded by very pleasant, undulating, cycling country. As for Bradley training with the Southport C.C. I would only say that despite being a very active club with more than 100 members I don’t believe they have produced a half decent racer since Dave Williams in the early eighties. In short they are big on talk.

  2. walshworld said

    I wish Miller had pulled it off. He’s a classy guy and a team guy. I’d like to see him on top agan after coming clean. Enjoying your blog. I started a cycling one for the Giro and I’m doing the tour. A lot of work, but fun.

  3. leopard said

    For once in my life a must back Wislon up on his assertions that Brad took some tips when on Southport CC’s club run. I do believe some members tried to stick with him up the infamous Bell Lane. I must however emphasise that he did not volunteer to buy the coffees. All that living up North has had its effect

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