“The Tour is not a disco” says Tom’s lawyer

Advocate Dupont

Master Jean-Louis Dupont, Tom Boonen’s lawyer is a happy man today having won his client the right to start the Tour. “In the first place is obviously excellent news for the rider and his team. I’m really happy for them,” says Dupont. “Secondly, I am happy as a lawyer. This is a victory for the law. Many will find the decision surprising, but I know the file and for me there was no other outcome possible. Fortunately, we had to deal with independent judges who were not influenced by any party whatsoever. ”

The reasoning of the verdict is still awaited and will take a few weeks. “Because it is so quick, we just today received the decision, not the reasoning behind it.” says Dupont. “It is, however legally already perfectly clear: the power of the organizers is limited. The Tour de France is not a disco where the bouncer on the door has the exclusive right to determine who is welcome and who not. ”


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