Latest training tip:get your sperm frozen!

It has been suggested to the conference of the Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology meeting in Amsterdam that the heat and friction from the bike saddle can damage sperm. This is, of course, nothing new we have been having these scares for years. What seems to be new is the belief that the problem is so serious that it could be necessary to freeze riders’ sperm before they start serious training if they plan to have children.

Among men who regularly cycle 180 miles a week less than four in one hundred sperm are considered to be normal. Swimmers and runners have normal sperm in the 15% to 20% range. Dr Allan Pacey a senior lecturer in andrology says it is all bollocks quoting the post-war baby boom at a time when cycling was more popular as evidence.

My only contribution to the debate is to recall winter training rides when I was so cold that my sperm may well have frozen in situ and the only risk to my fertility was my ice-cold knob dropping off!

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  1. Léo Woodland said

    If that is so, how come that Holland – the European country best known for its number of cyclists – is also Europe’s most densely populated? Good point Leo. However it seems unlikely that cruising around on an upright Gazelle or similar with a big springy saddle can be compared with a hard bash on a racing bike with a bone hard perch.

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