Patrick Lefevere ready for “Total War”

boonen06 greenjersey photo

Quick- Step manager Patrick Lefevere wants answers. Can Tom ride the Tour or not? He said today that if he does not receive the right answer by wednesday from ASO it will be time for plan B, total war.

Lefevere is already talking about recovering through the courts the millions that he claims Boonen’s absence from the Tour de France would cost him and his sponsors. Surely ASO is backing a loser here? I can’t see what their beef is. If Tommeke rocks up at his local bar and has fifteen Stellas that’s OK but if he has five Stellas and a couple of lines of coke he can’t ride the Tour. What is that all about? ASO and the UCI have their hands full fighting performance enhancing drugs in cycling. Fans are grown up enough to see that there is no connection between recreational drug use and cheating with EPO etc. and it is time that those in charge got the message.


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