Victoria Pendleton signs up for Green Britain Day

victoria pendleton green dress

Today’s Daily Telegraph sensibly made no attempt to cover the story, which brings together climate change the 2012 Olympics and Lord Coe, an unholy trinity if ever I saw one. Instead like greenjersey the DT was happy to splash another photo of the divine spurter and ignore the eco worrier dribblings.

The highlight of Green Britain Day will, apparently, be a concert at the Eden Centre, Cornwall by the Modfather Paul Weller. Surely only a date with destiny at the Tour de France will prevent Weller lookalike Bradley Wiggins from attending the gig. By the way last night I nodded off at midnight while watching a BBC4 documentary about Weller but not before noting the uncanny physical resemblance to Wiggins. Spooky that both have earned their living in Jams (only older six Day fans will get the “joke”)!


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