McEwen backs down and signs anti-doping clause

robbie-mcewen training

A photo showing the neat blockwork in Robbie’s garage

You couldn’t make it up. McEwen refused to sign a new anti-doping clause in his contract with Katusha because “he had been tested hundreds of times”. Where have we heard that old bull dust before? Naturally the Aussie head banger was 100% behind his teams fight against doping but he was concerned about the proposed penalty of five years gross salary for a positive test. As you would be.

The battling Aussie has now abandoned his principled stance and signed on the dotted line. Gert Steegmans still refuses to sign and team manager Andrie Tchmil has questioned if the big sprinter has something to hide.                                                                      Team mate Antonio Colom, who you will recall had a great early season, was caught for EPO use in an out of competion test on 2nd April. He was targeted primarily because of a dodgy biological passport. The Spanish federation is now on his case and awaiting the result of the second test. As he had not signed the revised contract he will hang on to his dosh.


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