Obree right again

What is it about that guy, he seems like a total flake but he is right time after time. He invented a new position that looked really stupid but was clearly faster than any other. In fact it was so fast that the UCI banned it so he invented the “superman” position that was just as fast and looked just as weird as the original crouch. The UCI banned that as well but not before Chris Boardman used it to take the Hour record.

It was at his Hour record attempt, in Norway I think, that Obree introduced his other secret weapon, a bowl of cornflakes! How we laughed, all those scientific drinks out there and the crazy Scotsman was stuffing his face with rubbish from ASDA!

It seems that researchers at the University of Texas thought Obree was on to something  as they recruited twelve trained cyclists and got them to ride for two hours. Exercise physiologist Lynne Kammer who led the study said that glycogen replenishment was just as good after wheat cereal and milk as with sports drinks and that lactic acid levels were actually lower.

International Journal of Exercise Science: Conference Proceedings: Vol. 2 : Iss. 2 , Article 25.


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  1. ken beck said

    After all these years of slagging me off you are now telling me corn flakes are the FOOD It was you all along nothing wrong with the breakfast
    greenjersey feels the need to explain this mysterious comment. We camped at Llangollen for the Birkenhead Mountain time trial and when greenjersey bonked big time he blamed it on the paltry serving of corn flakes for breakfast. Perhaps after forty years he needs to find another excuse!

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