Alberto, You are a dope!


Luis Leon Sanchez wins at Fayence

How can “the best stage racer in the peloton” ride like a clown? greenjersey had serious doubts about Contador’s tactical nous the day that Rabobank launched their attack and Alberto was left floundering alone in the cross wind. Today he threw the race away. Why oh why did he keep on chasing down Toni Colom who was nearly three minutes behind on gen. class.?  Colom was a threat to Voight, Schelck, Chavanel and Sanchez and had he got a gap they would have all pulled together. But when Contador chased down Colom he did two things, he made an enemy and he created a position where a far more dangerous rival in Luis Leon Sanchez could escape. What’s more as Sanchez was already second overall the others would lose nothing by allowing the move to succeed. So they left Contador to do all the chasing and he wasn’t man enough for the job.

Who was in the team car? Surely it was not Bruyneel’s work so it was probably Alain Gallopin or Viatcheslav Ekimov. Whoever was in charge  should be ashamed of himself. The other big winner today besides Sanchez is Lance Armstrong as Bruyneel must now have doubts about his two leaders strategy.

One last point. Does anybody know how far Jens Voight rides in a 200km race? It must surely be at least 205km.  How do you get to be a fantastic pro without developing the ability to ride in a straight line?


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