Milram doctor to declare that he is clean

Dutchman Gerry Van Gerwen, the manager of the German team Milram, wants his team doctor Claudio Sprenger to confirm in writing that he never had anything to do with doping.

“I trust him, but I have to protect myself. That is my duty towards the team and the sponsor,” said Van Gerwen. Sprenger has been asked to sign before a notary. According to Van Gerwen, Sprenger had already confirmed that he never came in to contact with doping and the doctor says he is now willing to sign the declaration.

Sprenger last week was mentioned in a newspaper article about the German doping sinner Jörg Jaksche. The doctor in 1997 and 1998 worked for Team Polti where Jaksche claims he for the first time came in to contact with doping. The German has never previously suggested that Sprenger was involved in doping practices at the team but now says that during the 1998 tour de France he was injected with insulin by Sprenger. He has said previously that he got a ‘crash course’ in doping in June 1997 from  Polti team boss Gianluigi Stanga, who was later to head the Milram team. The current Milram manager is, not surprisingly, concerned that when Stanga moved to Milram he found a place for Dr. Sprenger.

Jaksche admitted in 2006 that he had doped throughout his career and that since 2005 he was a client of  Spanish doctor Eufemiano Fuentes.  Jaksche, whose best result was to win Paris-Nice 2004, is looking to come back after his suspension and has said that he will join the Cinelli team for a salary of one euro.


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