Vandenbroucke says his clean win was the best

Frank Vandenbroucke has given an interview to a Belgian “lads” magazine that, not surprisingly, features Frank’s views on doping. This is what the former superstar had to say:                                                                    When I became a pro in 1994 new doping products were of course in the peleton, introduced by the so-called pioneers. That sure, everybody knows. Furlan, Berzin, Argentin … at a given moment ten miles per hour faster than the rest. I have never had an opportunity to be a pioneer for a new kind of doping, the first to try. The interviewer thought Frank regretted that he had not been a “pioneer  “But of course, they had the chance to try out a new treatment. Unfortunately I never had that chance.   Yes I had class. Yes, I was born to win and take prizes. In 1994, when I was just nineteen,I won a stage of the Tour of the Mediterranean Sea. (Frank says he won on Mont Faron but this is not correct, he won the following stage) beating Davide Cassani and Berzin. Those guys had a hematocrit value of 60. Mine was 42! That I won was incredible! My greatest achievement was not the victory in Liege-Bastogne-Liege, but that on Mont Faron. Because then I fought with unequal resources. They were prepared by doctor Michele Ferrari and Luigi Cecchini while I raced on bread and water.

Referring to his 1999 win in L-B-L Frank said that although he was doped it was a fair win as all the top five were also! Michael Boogerd, who was second, has insisted that he was clean and Frank is talking rot.

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