Armstrong attacks freedom of expression

Is there no limit to Armstrong’s arrogance? greenjersey is watching Eurosport’s coverage of the Tour of California, a race that makes the Tour of Spain seem interesting.  The bunch was plodding up a long ramp when the American version of The Devil appeared running at the side of the group. He was carrying a trident with prongs fashioned to look like hypodermic syringes and showing the legend “LiveClean.” Rather amusing I thought but L.A. failed to appreciate the message and gave The Devil a sharp push and he went arse over tit in to the snow! greenjersey is unfamiliar with the California Penal Code it seemed like a case of common assault. I trust the Police Dept. will arrange a night in the cells for Mr Big.



  1. Bridea said

    You’d rather this idiot have caused a crash in the peloton?
    greenjersey doesn’t think Armstrong pushed the guy because he was a risk to the peloton as he was running at the side of the road unlike the crazy Texan with the big horns who was in the middle of the bunch but that was OK with Lance as a. he is a Texan and b. he wasn’t making a perfectly valid comment about cycling and doping.

  2. Joe said

    Why do you hate Armstrong so ?
    Hate is too strong a word to describe greenjersey’s feelings towards Armstrong but I guess dislike would cover it.

  3. Anonymous said

    What were you smoking when this happened? I saw the idiot with the LiveClean costume. No way this would classified as assault. The idiot was harassing the cyclists, not the other way around. No way LA is going to jail for that. Dream on… and get over your anger towards LA.
    greenjersey can’t remember who or when (no change there) but a few years ago in the Tour a French rider turned round in the road and in response to verbal abuse gave a spectator a slap. He was disqualified. it seems to greenjersey that Armstrong is lucky to still be in the race.

  4. Anonymous said

    I didn’t see the part where LA pushed the moron into the snow. That’s awesome! Sorry I missed it. Wish I could have been there to push him all the way over cliff. These people in their outrageous Halloween costumes are a danger to cyclists. They don’t care about living clean or cycling. Just want to get on TV.

    greenjersey- maybe you should spend a night in the cells for posting such a stupid article.

  5. Bruce Darby said

    The title of the article, “Armstrong Attacks Freedom of Expression”, is a complete misrepresentation. The title should have been, “Armstrong kicks some idiot to the ground for interfering with the Tour of California.”

    I am getting tired of these clowns chasing after the cyclist or jumping in front of them like the idiot with the Texas Long Horns on.
    If Armstrong’s only concern was the safety of the peloton why did he not pick on his fellow Texan with the long horns who was certainly putting the bunch in danger? Instead he picked on a guy at the side of the road, interfering with nobody, but who was making a statement against doping. A coincidence? greenjersey doesn’t think so. This incident had the same stink as the Simeoni affair.

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