Is Armstrong a cancer in the body of cycling?


and another thing Kimmage

Armstrong is, without doubt, a monumental twat but it has to be said that his response to Paul Kimmage was masterly. It is obvious that O’bama is only keeping the desk at the White House warm until Lance is ready to move on to the next stage of his career.

greenjersey undstands that Kimmage made his “the cancer’s back” remark during a radio interview so he was, to some extent, speaking off the cuff. You would hardly expect Kimmage to respect Armstong’s feelings but I suppose he shouldn’t be horrid to cancer sufferers generally. But was he? This is what he said in 2008:

“This guy, any other way but his bullying and intimidation wrapped up in this great cloak, the great cancer martyr . This is what he hides behind all the time. The great man who conquered cancer. Well he is the cancer in this sport. And for two years this sport has been in remission. And now the cancer’s back.”

Apart from the fact that it is hardly true to say that the sport has been in remission for two years it is, I believe, fair comment about Armstrong and not insensitive to cancer sufferers. After all cancer is regularly used as a simile for all kinds of disagreeable conditions and situations. One thing’s for sure greenjersey is looking forward to The Sunday Times next week.



  1. Craig said

    Interesting piece and one I am sure will definitely create some discussion/debate in the cycling and sporting community. That said, Lance’s response was fantastic.

  2. Wislon said

    I know not why Lance attracts such ongoing venom from Greenjersey. I think we should be told?
    greenjersey believes his old mam who told him that only wrong uns keep bad company and Armstrong has kept some very bad company over the years.

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