Armstrong puts TDU “on the map”


Armstrong agrees to meet Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

Lance Armstrong says having a new cancer research centre in Adelaide named after his LiveStrong foundation is the greatest honour the foundation has ever had. Cancer survivor Armstrong established the foundation to prevent and cure cancer.

Armstrong says his visit to South Australia for the Tour Down Under has exceeded his expectations. “It goes without saying that this is a tremendous honour,” he said. “Frankly I don’t think we’ve ever had such an honour, such a centre named after us, such an emphasis put behind it, with such commitment from a state or federal government.”  He says he is humbled by the South Australian Government’s announcement. “An honour like this is a first for me and a first for this foundation,” he said. “The people of this state have just been amazing. “The level of support for myself, for the foundation and also for the rest of the race, for the other guys, this race is officially on the map. “It’s been an amazing time, absolutely look forward to coming back, look forward to being here for groundbreaking.”                                                     Armstrong has not yet said which other long established races he intends to put on the map but he has indicated that he is to ride the Tour of Flanders so maybe he can lift De Ronde out of obscurity.

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