Boonen on Cav.

cavtomA little bit of jealousy perhaps? Cav wins Scheldeprijs

Today was the official launch at Kortrijk of the QuickStep team although Allan Davies has done a good job already in the TDU. Unsurprisingly Tommeke was the centre of attention and he had this to say about the Manx Rocket “although you can never be sure, I can’t see him ever winning Paris-Roubaix. He doesn’t have body for it.”

Of course Cav has done nothing so far to indicate that he can win the Hell of the North and greenjersey would be very surprised if Cav was ever first to Roubaix. The established rider most like Cav is surely McEwen, super fast, great positioning ability, brave and ruthless. Oh and I almost forgot very limited endurance and a crap climber. And McEwen could never win P-R or indeed any Monument. But should Cav win Het Volk or the GP E3 greenjersey may have to think again.

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