Southport Gala Criteriums 1975


greenjersey has just found this old photo of the prize presentation at a Southport Criterium in 1975. The winner is Sid Barras and to his left is Phil Corley of the Harp CC. The other Bantel rider is, I think, Geoff Dutton who came from Merseyside, maybe Birkenhead.

The guy with the mike is possibly Roger Shayes who tapped into the pro crit craze to earn a few quid as a “speaker”. I seem to recall that he was pretty good if a little over-exitable. Looking after the lap numbers is Jack Lowe a good rider for the Southport RCC who includes the Tour of the Lakes and the Merseyside champs in his palmares.  The event organiser for many years was Brian Bladon who obtained sponsorship from various clubs and casinos in the town. Although most of the spectators in the photo look like cyclists the races on the promenade did, in fact, attract very good crowds of day-trippers.



  1. Robert Child said

    I can confirm that Roger Shayes is on the mike. He went on to do commentary late into the 1980s and yes he was bloody good on the mike- and in his day no so bad on a bike !

  2. steve fenton said

    I was 2nd in the schoolboy race that proceeded this race it was part of the Redifussion 500

  3. Those Bantel jerseys look like a for runner to the Rapha kit 🙂

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