More Flandrians cycling for fun

There is no bigger fan of Flemish bike racing than greenjersey but for his own outings awheel he prefers Wallonnie with the May Day 200km classic Mons-Chimay-Mons being a particular favourite. Bashing along uneven concrete cycle paths in a Flemish cross wind has limited appeal in his view. It seems that thousands disagree as recreational cycling is on the rise in Flanders and is also resistant to the economic crisis. The Flemish Cyclists Federation (VWB) saw its membership in 2008 increase by 44 pc to 41,000 members. Remarkably that growth was almost entirely during the last four months, coinciding with the start of the financial crisis.

The VWB is focused on recreational touring cycling and sportives. The number of licensees increased from 28,485 in 2007 to 41,000 in 2008. One in three of the new members are women and there are now 10,571 females on board. Furthermore members are no longer exclusively middle-aged, and older, men. The average age of the membership is now 35 years for women and 41 years for men.

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  1. Danny said

    A 44% increase…. 44%!!! What’s their secret? Are they using hypnotism or voodoo? The guys at British Cycling need to get over to the next VWB seminar fast, and make some detailed notes.

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