Two page splash for Cav in The Times

There were no football matches on Monday night so The Times filled two pages of the sports section with Cav including a massive photo of the Manxman wearing the new, crap, Columbia-Highroad kit.

Cav seems pretty pissed off with his lack of recognition and acclaim compared with the Olympic “stars” and who can blame him. But the fact is the British public isn’t interested in cycling but it does love a bit of Olympic glory and Cav is going to have to live with that. Maybe a Tour greenjersey could raise his profile but he could win the Scheldeprijs ten times and the British public would just yawn.

He says he won’t ride the track again. I presume he means in a GB jersey as he will surely top up his pension fund on the six day circuit. The most interesting revelation was made by  Columbia team manager Bob Stapleton who said that Bradley Wiggins left the team  not for the chance of individual glory but for more money. Stapleton maintained that Wiggins was in the team not as Cav’s lead out man but to win prologues. If so he was a failure.

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