Lance selling up


Lance Armstrong has put his Texas vacation home on the market. Armstong, who also has a fancy home in Austin, owns a 450 acre ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas The ranch includes ownership in Deadman’s Hole, a beautiful swimming hole that has a giant waterfall. Armstrong and sixteen neighbouring landowners  have rights to the swimming hole. In 2005, Armstrong fell out with his neighbours when he started building a dam on a creek on his land that feeds into the swimming hole. The neighbours claimed that the dam construction muddied the clear waters of Deadman’s Hole and Armstrong ended up paying around $850,000 to resolve the problem including legal fees.
The ranch includes a four-bedroom main house built in 2003 as well as a one bedroom guest house. The main house has great views of the surrounding countryside. The home has an open ground floor plan .   The guest cottage matches the main house in its rustic charm(say the estate agents). There is also a pool and a spa and the grounds include seven miles of bike trails. And best of all this can be yours for only twelve million dollars.
greenjersey discounts reports that Lance is selling because he plans to move in with his girlfriend who as a single mum will qualify for a council flat.

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