Name change for Het Volk


The Omloop Het Volk, the opener of the real cycling season, will  this year have a different name. The 64th edition, to be held on February 28, will be known as the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. The reason for the name change is that the newspaper Het Volk (The People) is now incorporated in Het Nieuwsblad.

Another notable change is that the Muur of Geraardsbergen is again after one year’s absence included in the course. As a result, the 203 km race incorporates eleven climbs, Leberg (km 77), Berendries (km 81), Valkenberg (km 86), Tenbosse (KM 93), Muur van Geraardsbergen (km 105), Pottelberg (km 127), Kruisberg ( km 138), Taaieberg (km 147), Eikenberg (km 153), Wolvenberg (km 156) and Molenberg (km 165). Sounds just right for Philippe Gilbert.


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