Is Victoria on the right track?

greenjersey often enjoy the dribblings of The Times’s sports writer Matthew Syed if only because he frequently has a dig at Sir Alex Ferguson. Yesterday Syed varied his aim from the bullying Scot to the lovely Victoria Pendleton.

When Vicky first called for parity between men and women in the cycling events I thought well that’s OK for you, just doing a couple of laps of the track, but I’m not sure that Nicole Cooke would want the road race distance doubled. But that is not what Vicky meant, instead she wanted to win as many medals as Sir Chris. Syed’s answer to the equality question is to have just one event each. This he believes will provide room “for athletes from other sports that are sqeezed out by cycling’s absurd over-representation”.

It is not immediately clear to greenjersey how reducing the number of events at the velodrome will allow more events for, say, synchronised swimmers. Probably the number of competitors is limited by the available accommodation in the Olympic Village. greenjersey always supports more exposure for Ms Pendleton so proposes that the boring Mens’ Individual Pursuit goes to make way for a womens’ Kierin and that the Points race is dropped because it is too easy to gain a lap, and twenty points, on small indoor tracks so it isn’t really a Points race at all. Instead we could have a Womens’ Madison-only joking, greenjersey doesn’t support blood sports!


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