Museeuw given time- Belgian government to resign?


The Belgian government to go over Lion of Flanders “injustice”?

Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme has offered the resignation of his government. The news has been confirmed by the Flemish public broadcaster. Earlier Justice Minister Jo Vandeurzen announced his resignation. Quite right to. Where is Johan going to find 2500 euro to pay that punitive fine?

No doubt Robert Peston and his media cronies will link this to the banking crisis, possibly something to do with Fortis bank, but greenjersey knows better. This crisis in the Justice Department, that has now spread to the entire government, must surely be linked to the protracted vendetta against Museeuw.

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  1. Bob Newsham said

    Greenjersey, I have enjoyed your commentry very much, I will keep an eye on your blog.
    Pleasant to see Harry Quinn’s picture, and to hear that he is still spritly and enjoying life, he surely was “one of the good good guys”.
    My best regards

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