Victoria not Sports Personality of the Year

For a moment greenjersey thought that a youthful Liz Hurley had rocked up in Liverpool for the Awards Ceremony but thinking about it he doubts that  she knows where The Pool is.

It was instead the amazing Victoria Pendleton who just gets more and more stunning. That woman is made for the Red Carpet!




  1. Livi said

    What happened to the fair Nicole????

  2. Wislon said

    In reply to “Livi” (Hi Dave) , unfortunately the general public dont undertstand the effort/skill/ability/hard work etc to win an Olympic RR and then to go on and win the world RR against so much talent. The ladies worlds RR was one of the best road races of all time with the final lap total drama. Medals count more than sheer performance in the eyes of the general public.
    So true Wislon but for me one rider is streets ahead of the rest. Four stages in one Tour, the winner has to be Cav.

  3. arjensenk said

    she was beautiful that night!!!!!

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