Prodigious power or maladroit maintenance?

greenjersey decided as a precaution to renew the chain on his Roberts audax bike and at the same time checked his Shimano eight speed cassette for wear. The eighteen cog had seen better days!  greenjersey adopts a mix and match approach and although the cassette started out as Shimano this sprocket may be made by Miche. Either way it seems amazing that it was working fine.




  1. Wislon said

    From a mechanical viewpoint it would appear that 1 tooth would always be engaged in a chain link due to the approximate 120 deg spacing of the remaining teeth.This obviously provided sufficient drive to enable forward motion to achieved. It should be noted that normal cycling forces on the transmission would result in this set up jumping and therefore less than normal forces must have been applied for it to work “fine” as greejersey states.

    greenjersey feels there is an insult contained within wislon’s comment!

  2. Wislon said

    The comment is only stating the facts as they exist. Ok I will come clean – it was just a gentle jibe. I only do insults when the user can ride with 2 teeth !!!
    Wislon has avoided the point at issue here, which is just how much power is needed to rip the teeth off a sprocket? Has Chris Hoy ever done it? greenjersey feels it must be north of 2000 watts

  3. taze1 said

    Miche tends to make solid products. I’d be surprised if it was by them.

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