Kohl joins the club

Never has the old saying, If it seems too good to be true it’s not, been more appropriate. Remember Ricco leaving everybody for dead. Or Schumi thrashing Cancellara in two TTs for heaven’s sake. And dozy looking Bernard Kohl climbing like Charly Gaul on speed. Unbelievable but, heh, this is the new clean wave, untainted by the bad habits of the Museeuw generation. If only. Greenjersey considers himself a cynic but if so he would have stopped his subscription to Eurosport in 1998. He must be an incurable romantic, why else would he continue to love this tainted, dirty sport full of cheats.

On hearing the news Geert Coeman, the Silence team boss, told Austrian agency APA that Kohl’s contract would be annulled if this positive test was confirmed. “We have not yet been able to talk to Bernard,” Coeman said. “But if the test is confirmed, we will take the necessary action. His contract with us would be made null and void.”

Marc Sergeant, the DS of Silence, told Belgian TV Sporza: “This has been a real slap in the face. We spent a lot of time and energy getting him to join us, thinking he was a great recruit. I feel betrayed.”


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