Tour to re-visit Mont Ventoux?

Claud Haut, the president of the Vaucluse regional council has told the newspaper La Provence that there will be a TDF stage starting at Montélimar and finishing at the summit of Mont Ventoux.He added that the stage will be held on Saturday 25th July ie the day before the finish in Paris!

All is now clear for greenjersey. This explains LA’s remarkable comeback plans. He has not forgotten and deeply regrets gifting the Ventoux stage of the 2002 Tour to Marco Pantani, R.I.P., and LA now has the chance to complete his TDF palmares.

BTW don’t make holiday plans based on anything you read here!


  1. joking said

    I think Armstrong will enjoy it going up Mont Ventoux, in a very rapid manner.
    It willl just show that all Armstrong’s tour wins did not contain any real competition, like in the Indurain era, where riders of such calibre as Tony Rominger, Alex Zulle, Giani Bugno etc were miles better then the meagre competition Armstrong has had to beat. Lest we forget Indurain won the tour de france with no team mates what so ever, at best maybe just one or two team mates, like Delgado and Armand De las Cuevas.
    Now Joking have you forgotten Jean-Francois Bernard who also rode for Banesto. Regarding Armstrong’s competion what about Jan Ullrich, who in my view was a fantastic rider up there with the best of any era (apart from Merckx of course who is in a class of his own).

  2. joking said

    Yes but Indurain never had Delgado, De Las Cuevas AND Bernard all at the same time, healthy and working hard for Indurain. Nothing can compare Armstrongs huge deticated team, I know as my cousin was one of them, when he got very good and had a chance of winnign La Vuelta or a podium on Le Tour etc, Armstrong and’Team USA’ quickly ofered him far too much money for his wife to let him turn it down. Armstrong has had little competition, Ulrich was very good, but he also , like Indurain and C.Evans had virtually no team to help. Ulrich too got to the Tour slightly out of shape, slightly too over weight etc and so lost too much in the the initial stages of Le Tour to be able to win it later. Beloki was so so. Zulle was 37 at the twighlight …..

  3. joking said

    Has anyone got the record details for the Mont Ventoux climb ? ?

    greenjersey is just old enough to remember that in the 1958 TDF Charly Gaul won the first ever TT from Bedoin to the summit in 1hr 2min 9sec. Not bad on a 22lb bike! Bahamontes was second 31sec slower. I believe that the current TT record was set by Iban Mayo with a time of 55min 51sec in the Dauphine Libere 2004. Lance Armstrong took 57min 48sec. Back in the real world in 2002 (aged 58) greenjersey took 1hr 58min riding his Roberts audax bike. After the first five km he never got out of bottom gear of 26×21!


  4. Rickety said

    The wind up there is been clocked at 90+km/hr frequently… Comparing times on that mountain is like comparing tornadoes:)

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