Barry’s Worlds

Velonews has some interesting observations about the Worlds from Michael Barry of Canada. See below, read into it what you will. He also comments on Bettini’s “lap of honour” and wonders why the bunch gave up when the break was catchable. He says Valverde joined with Bettini to close down the chase. With three Italians in the break Bettini had every reason to do so but did Valverde really think Joaquin  Rodriguez  could win? I doubt it, my guess is that he didn’t want to see a regroupment and Freire take the title again and re-establish himself as top Spaniard.

“The peloton has changed in the last half of the year. Riders no longer attack and surge ahead, holding a high speed until the end. Now, they attack, gain a small gap and slow down, as they can’t sustain the prolonged effort. They stay away not because they are powerfully forging a gap but because the peloton behind gives in the pursuit. It was evident in the finale of the Worlds that no rider could attack and power up the entire climb alone and they watched each, attacking and covering. The winning attacks came on the flatter section of the course where their speed could be maintained; their legs with less pressure on them could more easily sustain fluidity”.

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