Armstrong tops water use list for Austin, Texas

A total of 223,000 gallons of water was used at Lance Armstrong’s home in June 2008 according to the most recent city records available. That’s about what 26 average Austin households use in a month. At a time when rainfall has been scarce and the city has imposed mandatory water restrictions, Armstrong is not the only Austinite using a lot of water.

Armstrong said he didn’t know just how much water he was using. “I’m a little shocked,” he said when told about the water use at his 3-acre home, which has a pool and expansive lawns. “There’s no justification for using that much water.”

Armstrong, who had been in California for part of the month said that the electric bills seemed high when he moved in several years ago but that high water usage had not been called to his attention. His finances, including bills, are handled by a management company. In June, his water bill, which does not include wastewater or other utilities, was $1,630.23, according to Austin Water Utility.

“I need to fix this,” Armstrong said. “To use that much more water (than most residents) is unacceptable. I have no interest in being the top water user in Austin, Texas.”


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  1. joking said

    I think Armstrong is using that much water to have water fights with friends.

    I like cycling

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