McEwen wins non-classic Classic

Fourteen years is a long time for a “top road sprinter” to race without winning a classsic but that has been the fate of Rocketman Robbie. And the reason, of course, is that he falls apart if the race goes much over 200km. Give him a flat 180km Tour stage and he is a top fella but send him up the Bosberg after 250km and it is time for an early bath. OK he did get round the Worlds at Zolder but did you see the course? It was stupidly easy, the UCI must have wanted to give Cipo a present. I should also mention his four wins in Paris-Brussels which used to be a serious classic back in Brik Schotte’s day but is now a consolation race. I suppose I should also mention his win in the Scheldeprijs which is a nice race but hardly a severe test.

Now Robbie has now won the Hamburg “Classic”, but in what sense is it a classic? In no sense at all, and the organisers realised it and reduced their little race to 213km and lo and behold Robbie pops up and wins it. My recurring nightmare is that Cav never makes the big leap to being a Classic winner and has a career like Robbie’s stuffed full of stage wins, Points jerseys and criteriums.

If this is what he does to a compatriot…


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