A rational Olympic medal table

There seem to be two accepted methods of ranking Olympic success. One is to count the Golds and the other way to to count the medal total. Both methods are unsatisfactory, what we need is a Third Way known as the greentable that gives three points for a gold, two for a silver and one for a bronze. The final table is as follows.

China 213 points

USA 212 points

Russia 132 points

UK of GB & NI 98 points

Australia 89 points

Germany 83 points

South Korea 67 points

France 65 points

You know it makes sense.


  1. Wislon said

    Throughout the Olympics I cannot help feeling that the BBC cannot handle the success of the British cyclists. The Beeb has never been pro cycling whose staple output is football, cricket, golf , tennis,rugby etc. It has always treated the bike with something it has to put up with rather than embrace. Today we win our 1st Gold on the running track and that gets headlines with the high jump silver also getting disproportionate air time slavering. The same on the Beebs WWW – the main picture is of the 400m winner not the 3rd gold success of Hoy. Call me cynical but for years the beeb has ignored cycling and still they struggle to fully embrace it. The presenters language – they just dont understand it as if its just funny men in lyrca. Compare British Eurosport where biking seems to be respected and presenters conduct intelectual informed discussion and serious interviews (excepting Duffers). Lets see what happens at the BBC sports personality of the year. They will have to rethink the seating plan to include bike riders near the front. That will irk them…

  2. Craig said

    Here’s handing you a wooden spoon 😉

  3. kevin said

    Why don’t you do another way at looking at the medal tabel, seperate the medals won by the team GB component parts, i.e Wales, Scotland, Ireland and see where team GB are, then you can put France, Spain, Portugal and Germany together as one country and call it Great Europe, and see how far up the table they are.

    greenjersey will have to do the math but he suspects that in cycling the UK may well have beaten Kevin’s “greater Europe” team of France, Spain, Portugal and Germany which if right is pretty amazing.

  4. ted said

    The beeb take the piss out of cyclist for wearing lycra, but when a track and field athlete wears lycra, they say nothing.
    These people are just jealous and lazy , they know full well that cycling is miles (pardon the pun) harder then track and field, rugby or tenis, thats part of the probem with cycling, it is so hard that very many people do not want to take part…even hader as the brits driving cars really don’t give a monkeys about cycists and their welfare on the roads. Virtaully ignoring them at the best of times and then practising the ‘might is right’ on the roads like they do in India etc. Thats why the belgiums are so good at cycling through the years.

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