Olympic Time Trial

Can anyone see beyond Cancellara after his amazing ride up to the front of the race on Saturday? Schumi has let me down once but I am giving him a second chance and my podium is 1.Schumi, 2.Cancellara, 3.Botero

UCI Code Time
ARG19750629 ____
JPN19830410 ____
IRI19750323 ____
CAN19770509 ____
CRO19811204 ____
RSA19760223 ____
BLR19810628 ____
SVK19840808 ____
UKR19820313 ____
GBR19810319 ____
DEN19811204 ____
LAT19760121 ____
NED19860531 ____
SLO19860623 ____
EST19870424 ____
UKR19830807 ____
CAN19801209 ____
KAZ19730316 ____
POL19800411 ____
BEL19830114 ____
ITA19841114 ____
USA19790112 ____
HUN19761211 ____
DEN19840905 ____
GER19750619 ____
RUS19780125 ____
ESP19780205 ____
COL19721027 ____
ITA19740615 ____
AUS19791220 ____
RUS19800920 ____
LUX19780703 ____
SWE19800920 ____
USA19731024 ____
NED19820924 ____
ESP19821206 ____
AUS19770214 ____
GER19810721 ____

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  1. Wislon said

    I thought Botero had vanished off the scene until the RR last weekend. Where has he been all this time? Was’nt he implicated in dodgy practices of the Telecom lot ??

    greenjersey believes Botero rides for Rock Racing in the USA. It seems like a last refuge for dodgy riders. He let me down in the TT.

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