Confused thinking about doping

Below is part of an interview by John Wilcockson of Velonews with Ryder Hesjedal

After stage 14, I asked Garmin’s outstanding Canadian Ryder Hesjedal whether the stringent anti-doping environment disproved the theory that you can’t compete at the Tour on mineral water. “Oh, for sure, you absolutely can. I mean, that’s a completely false mindset,….

I then asked him whether he was surprised by Riccardo Riccò being caught using third-generation EPO and being thrown out of the race. He replied, “Even my mom said he looked too easy and fast…. So if your mother is watching the racing and says it doesn’t look as if he was hurting enough for what he did, that’s a pretty logical assessment.

Now it seems to me that Hesjedal is really mixed up. First he says you can compete clean then he says Ricco was so much faster than the rest that his Mum knew he was on something. So Hesjedal says EPO makes a big difference but you can compete clean. How does that work? Unless by “compete” he means just making up the numbers he is talking bollocks.


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