No, Phil and Paul, it is Denis!

I suppose it says a great deal about my intolerance but it really got up my nose that throughout today’s time trial stage the combined pride of the N.W. of England, Liggett and Sherwen, referred constantly to Denee Menchov. Now I don’t speak Russian but I don’t suppose P & P do either and I can’t say if in Russian the last constenant of a word is silent. But does it matter as sure as hell Denis isn’t a Russian name. If Denis was good enough for Denis Law and for the Non Flying Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp, who like Menchov worked in an orange strip, it should be good enough for Phil and Paul. So from tomorrow no more Denee Menchov boys or I will add your names to that of Duffers on my hate list.

A truly sublime Dennis

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  1. zoelongley said

    Maybe it’s ‘Da-knee’ as in Blondie’s pronunciations?

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