Drinking green tea may help to burn fat.

I drink green tea for its claimed cardiovascular benefits so it was a bonus to learn that it could help to burn fat. The tea was tested on two groups of cyclists who took part in a time trial at 60% of vo2max. The men who were given a capsule of green tea extract equal to 3.5 cups of tea burnt fat at a 17% higher rate than those given a placebo. The research was carried out at the Human Performance Laboratory, School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, The University of Birmingham and reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


  1. I think it’s mainly the caffeine.

  2. Chuck said

    I think it’s not just the caffiene.

  3. Fixup said

    What do you think it is then, Chuck? Caffeine increases metabolic rate and it’s widely known that it can help facilitate weight loss in active people.

  4. Rickety said

    Caffeine wont do anything for you unless its in large doses once or twice a week tops…

    The body decreases andro-receptors in the brain that stimulate your adrenal gland if your drink caffeine daily. This means you cant “get going” without caffeine to stimulate those receptors.
    greenjersey thinks that there is more than the caffeine effect involved here and emailed the research team for clarification, no response so far.

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