Ale-jet stretches credibility

You don’t have to be as cynical as greenjersey to wonder about Petacchi’s explanation of his failed dope test in last year’s Giro.  Petacchi told the CAS that he took two puffs from his inhaler before the stage, two more during the race and two or three after the finish. As he won the stage he was, of course, tested.  The resulting urine sample was tested at the WADA laboratory in Rome and three days later the lab issued its finding that the sample contained 1352 ng/ml Salbutamol. The legal limit is 1000 ng/ml for riders with a certificate.

If Petacchi’s explanation is true he deserves his suspension if not for doping for being the biggest clown on two wheels.  Taking “two or three” puffs of his inhaler before the dope test is as daft as a drunk driver having a couple of swigs from his hip flask while waiting for the breathaliser test!  It’s a great shame as I am a big fan of Ale-jet. I love his clean sprinting and the high speed of the Milram train makes it harder for McEwan to barge his way to the front, and I’m sure we all think that is a good thing.

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