Greg Lemond and Trek fight it out in court

The falling out between Lemond and Trek which is, it seems, about Greg’s refusal to modify his views about Lance Armstrong is heading for court. Papers filed by Trek state, inter alia, that the licence fee paid to Lemond for the use of his name is $350,000 per contract year.

Greg & Lance in happier times

A further irritation, Trek allege, is that Lemond took advantage of their employee pricing scheme to purchase, over a nine year period, bikes with a retail value of $2,500,000! They further state that recently Greg ordered two La Victoire models retailing at $5280 each and then sold them to customers that had already agreed to purchase less expensive models from a Trek dealer thereby undercutting the dealer. greenjersey is merely reporting the facts as he understands them without comment on Lemond as a businessman.


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