Cycling Weekly not alone in failing sport

In last week-end’s Sunday Times there was an interesting interview with 1985 London Marathon winner Steve Jones. His views are so relevant to the similar situation in cycling that they are worth repeating.

“Now we don’t have running magazines. We have lifestyle magazines, not hard-core running mags. which is what you need to inspire the youngsters. They don’t want to read about knocking three seconds off your best time for having this for breakfast or walking ten more miles to use 500 more calories. They want to read about the top athletes in the world”  Steve could be describing exactly the situation with the Comic which has substituted “training advice” and road tests that are little more than thinly disguised adverts for comprehensive reports on the major races.

In 1958, as a fourteen year old, I read in Cycling the lap by lap report on the Pro Worlds road race so many times I could quote every detail of Ercole Baldini’s lone win, and much I still can. What is there now to inspire young riders? Reports of overseas jollies by “staffers” (I almost choked on that word) who would be better described as teenage scribblers. I don’t think so.

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  1. Wislon said

    Greenjersey is spot on. The magazine is now absolute Cr*p. I cancelled my subscription 2 years ago. Every week I spend 10 seconds in Tesco scanning the drivel and reaffirming the decsion I made. The target audience is now quite obviously wannabe cyclists – in some respects this is good news, as the majority who make a bike purchase will eventually end up selling it and so the market will be full of quality 2nd hand bikes (greenjersey please note).
    Bla Bla Bla yak yak yak – end of rant

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