Devolder fantastic, Tommeke still running on empty

Is Devolder’s win the best since 1985?

No thanks due to British Eurosport as I watched the Ronde on a three inch screen on my computer but no praise is too great for Stijn Devolder. He seemed to be sacrificing his chance for Boonen but showed amazing strength and fortitude to win alone. He refused to surrender and each time all seemed lost he attacked again. Tommeke did nothing wrong but he just hasn’t got it in his legs. He had three chances to defend Devolder’s position as first Sebastian Langeveld then Juan Antonio Flecha and lastly Nick Nuyens attacked and each time Tom was unable to follow. And they weren’t futile moves, each showed potential and could have caught Devolder had he been less than super human on the day.


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  1. Dan said

    Hey fellow cycling fan. I dont agree with your assessment of Boonen. Clearly 1 week later in Roubaix he was a sheer dominant force in every critical moment. He had SOOOOO much more power than Cancellara and Ballan. I think the issue in Flanders was that Devolder was supposed to go ahead and split the field allowing Boonen the chance to sit in and do nothing. Were Devolder caught by Neuyens and Flecha he’d have sat on and frustrated the break. If that happened you’d have seen a bunch of attacks from behind potentially allowing Boonen to jump on and make a final 5k go of it.

    Bottom line was Devolder didnt attack to win but to give advantage to Boonen. Once he was away I am sure he got the go ahead from his DS to roll it all the way in. Quick Step was in the best strategic position. Devolder wins up from or Boonen does nothing and rides the attacks to the end. Just another thought – on to the Ardennes. Dan
    greenjersey agrees with Dan that Boonen was super at Roubaix and admits he was premature in writing him off. He now feels it likely that Tommeke could have followed the counter-attacks behind Devolder in the Ronde and must have chosen, or been told, not to. To greenjersey the tactic doesn’t make sense but I guess that is why he isn’t driving a team car!

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