Leda Cox wins Tuscon Bicycle Classic

About five years ago I was at the Hillingdon (west London) circuit when I noticed a young woman effortlessly cruising around in the E/1/2 peleton. Enquiries revealed that she was local rider Leda Ray who I think rode with Danny Pollock’s Gregarios “squadra”

Leda then married and rode in the peloton as Leda Cox getting some good results. She then disappeared from my radar and if I thought about her at all I guess I figured she had opted for the delights of motherhood over the thrill of the bunch. What a surprise to see that she recently won the three stage Tuscon Bicycle Classic. Leda, riding for the America’s Dairyland team, won by four minutes with third place over eight minutes behind. Time for a touch of Ledamania I think.




  1. Wislon said

    For more info on the expat pro see http://www.ledacox.co.uk/

  2. jez cox said

    how nice to hear Leda being praised for her riding.
    I can confirm that she hasn’t opted for motherhood since marrying as I am her husband!! I only see her in the winter really as she is abroad for the whole season. She’s loving racing in the US and has great form right now too.

    I also noticed the elegant Leda Ray effortlessly showing the men up at hillingdon and so I thought- i know- I’ll marry her! hee hee..

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