As regular visiters (hi Mark) know this blog attracts a very small but select group. Such is the explosion of enthusiasm for Vicky Pendleton that last Sunday greenjersey received over 3000 hits! Come Monday I was down to earth with a bump with less than a tenth of that number visiting.

But great as Vicky was Manchester wasn’t all about her. For me the highlight of the British successes was Brad and Cav’s win in the madison where they kept battering away until they got that lap. What a contrast with the great Bruno Risi who gained a lap with ease. Will we see Romero mania? What a pedaller! she makes it look effortless.

You can’t argue with Chris Hoy’s results, the first from the UK to win the sprint since Reg Harris, but to be honest it all leaves me cold. I don’t think the endless shots of his bloody parents helped.

For what it is worth I felt the ride of the championships wasn’t by a Brit but was by Aliaksandr Lisouski of Belarus in the Mens Scratch Race. Riding alone he almost gained a lap early in the race and in the finale he still had the energy to chase and catch the Japanese leader. Great stuff.



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