Dutch Never Happy

Dutch Rail wants to promote the use of cycles, hoping to increase the number of bike journeys made to and from stations to one million by 2010.  At present almost 50% of passengers arrive at their local railway station on a bike but only 10% cycle the last leg of their journey.  The plan is to expand the number of bike hire outlets at railway stations from 120 now to 200, says Dutch Rail.

Can you believe it, half of Dutch train users cycle to the railway station and now they are under pressure to cycle the last leg to the office as well! I say give those cloggies a break, they are already doing more than their share to save the planet.


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  1. Dee said

    I don’t think you’ll ever convince me that they’re doing it for environmental reasons. Do you know how costly it is here to have/drive a car? It’s really become a class separator. First, you will be paying between 50 and 65 euro’s per hour for your lessons. Most beginners will need at least 20 of them, possibly more. Then there’s taking the test. That will cost you about 300 euro’s. Then you’ll be paying monthly taxes, upwards of 40 euro’s monthly. Toss in insurance and the cost of gasoline here, almost 2 euro’s per LITRE.

    The NS discourages people from using public transport by not bothering to improve its service, which is almost always not on time. Of course, you always run the risk of having your bike stolen when you leave it at the station. Ask anyone, they’ll tell you that bike theft here is a major problem. Ask our family, we’ll be happy to share our experiences with you.

    They’re simply trying to generate more revenue, they can better spend the money on improving their services, where its sorely needed.

    Greenjersey says: Well, I’m shocked who would have thought the Dutch have a bike theft problem. I must say that those motoring costs seem pretty steep by UK standards. Whatever the reasons I am still gobsmacked by the figure of 50% of train passengers cycling to the station. There must be a hell of a lot of bike racks. BTW, nice to hear from Holland (or should that be Netherlands? Greenjersey hates to offend).

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