Mrs Boonen questioned by Police

The Gazet van Antwerpen broke the news that Police from Hasselt had visited the home of Tom Boonen’s parents and had questioned his mother. Patrick Lefevere told Belgian TV that “when I received a call from a journalist with the news on Thursday evening, I couldn’t believe it” adding “But Boonen’s mother has confirmed it.”

Mr Lefevre said that the detectives did not search the house, but simply asked a few questions related to their investigation into the use of illegal drug by the cyclocross rider Tom Vannoppen who is reported to have mentioned Tom Boonen during questioning.Patrick Lefevere told the VRT’s sport service Sporza that “there have been rumours circulating for a while now since Vannoppen started suffering from depression”. “He used to train with Tom, but then so did many others.” Lefevere told Gazet van Antwerpen that the detectives asked about how Tom Boonen spent his free time and whether or not he still lived with his parents. (the police must be the only people in the whole of Belgium not familiar with all the details of Tomeke’s private life, but that’s the Boys in Blue the world over). The team manager added that the detectives had received a satisfactory answer to all their questions. He said that the investigation was a private matter and had nothing to do with the Quick-Step team. The judicial authorities have since said that Tom Boonen is in no way involved in any illegal activity but just to be sure a pan of Mrs Boonen’s special home made stew was taken away for analysis.

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