Should you have that cake?

The following interesting article was cribbed from VeloNews. I have not the slightest idea if the science is sound although the writer does provide an explanation for those who can follow these things. I have learnt that if I go for my usual potter and stop for a coffee and an eccles cake I will have put on weight! And yet I still refer to “going training” how sad is that.

The Site of the Day: An interesting on-line tool. Filed: January 14, 2008

Reader Alan Canfield writes in to say that he and his buddy Robert “enjoy discussing the physics and dynamics of cycling during rides.” On one of those rides, the topic turned to a possible correlation between calories consumed, heart rate and wattage. The result is that Rober J. McDonald went back the office, did his research and came up a tool to calculate Calories and Power as a Function of Heart Rate. The site address is:-                                                                            

We think it’s pretty cool and Dr. McDonald offers up an interesting discussion to explain his approach.



  1. m.wislon said

    All Bollocks.

  2. m. wislon said

    Further to my Previous “All Bollocks” comment I wish to elaborate. While this study may no doubt be a fine piece of theoretical work I fail to see what practical purpose it serves. I presume it has something to do with training and although it does not explain what. The experimental work was done up to 150bpm whereas real cycling effort, certainly in my case, occurs above 150bpm. Can anyone tell how this piece of work can be used in the real world?
    Greenjersey responds: manufactures of heart rate monitors make a big deal of the calory counting feature so presumably it is something users appreciate. This programme, it is claimed, is more accurate than a HRM so presumably it has a purpose.
    I guess it is as useful as knowing your average speed on a ride, not very but most everybody does so.

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