First drugs, now sex, soon rock ‘n’ roll

If there is going to be a little sex introduced into our sport as a change from the endless diet of drug stories who better than the divine Victoria Pendleton? In a rambling two page interview in the Sunday Times tantalisingly headed “Victoria’s Secrets” ex-pro Paul Kimmage just couldn’t keep his mind on the task in hand and who can blame him. I struggled to finish the article but the photos, Oh my! That woman has the best legs since Rik Van Looy. In November Victoria won the Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year award which was richly deserved. Lets hope she gets that sprint gold in Peking then we will see even more of her in the mainstream press.

Victoria Pendleton not about to go training




  1. P.leopard said

    We need more of this to make the sport more popular.
    Hows about a nude calender of our most attractive riders.
    I am willing to volunteer for September

  2. phwoarrrr

  3. Craig said

    Maybe we do need some focus on the opposite sex to help detract attention away from the dopers that are ruining the image of our sport. Victoria has my vote!

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