Great photos of Gent-Wevelgem

crash-3-gw.jpgcrash-gw-2.jpg                                            I have just come across these great pics of the mayhem on the descent of the Kemmelberg in Gent-Wevelgem. When Andrej Tchmil said this was the most dangerous place in cycling he wasn’t wrong. I had forgotten that Roger Hammond beat Oscar, not many can say that.

By the way check out the thigh muscle on Marco Velo, the Milram guy!

Thanks to La Derniere Heure for the photos.



  1. George said

    He truly has a great pair of legs, but then again, don’t all pro cycling guys have great thighs its just that some pictures do them more justice than others

  2. Jered Gruber said

    I think these are CorVos pictures from La Deurniere Heure…

    I edited these for PeloPics on PEZ from Cor Vos – definitely the one of Marco Velo and an even more horrific one of Jimmy Casper with his face on the cobbles an instant before or later.

    Great stuff on the site, love it!


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