From Panasonic to Pedaltech

Am I alone in failing to understand the economics of pro cycling? I believe that Pedaltech is an on-line bike shop based in Leicestershire. It is also now the title sponsor of the former DFL team. So presumably this means that ALL-TIME GREAT and team DS Eric Vanderaerden is on the payroll! What’s more Nico Mattan will have a role with the team and West Flanders Wonder Johan Museeuw supplies the bikes. Then there is general manager M. Dubois to pay. Plus the mechanic and probably a soigneur and driver. All from the profits of a UK bike shop !

For the first time I am soliciting comments, if you understand how this adds up please post a comment and enlighten me.

Eric explains how he won the 1985 Ronde




  1. m. wislon said

    I’m at a loss to explain this situation – maybe it will end up like that UK team that Sean Yates signed up for as DS only to find the sponsor was somebodys dream – I seem to recall it was Sony?

  2. Some confusion, I think, in M. Wislon’s comment. It was Giancarlo Ferretti who dreamt that he had signed a contract with Sony-Ericson after Fassa Bortolo pulled out. As for Sean Yates wasn’t he DS for a short-lived Aussie team based on fan subscription similar to the original Euskadi team?

  3. m.wislon said

    yes as usual Greenjersey is correct but wasnt the Linda Mcartney name involved in the Aussie escapade?

  4. The Aussie team I was thinking of was iTeamNOVA but I can’t recall if it came before or after the Linda McCartney debacle. To get back to the main point can anyone explain Pedaltech’s financial model. It seems it is a bigger enterprise than I first thought. It has been suggested that not only is Museeuw supplying the bikes but he may have a role with the team but that seems unlikey as he is still the subject of court proceedings for doping.

  5. Flap said

    The financial model for Pedaltech financing a pro team, was probably based on a dreamer’s ego.

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