Club Dinner report

Do you remember when Cycling magazine would contain reports on club dinners during the off-season? Well in celebration of that long-dead tradition I feel obliged to include something about the recent Southport CC 75th anniversary dinner. There were 190 guests having come from as far afield as the USA and Canada.

Local star, by residence if not by birth, Bradley Wiggins had agreed to be the guest of honour but had to cry off as the event clashed with the Gent Six Day. To be honest I think Wiggo would have been better off going to the dinner!

The prizes were instead presented by club member five times National Hill Climb Champion Jim Henderson.

WARNING: I have to report, with great regret, that I have received a number of ageist comments about Champion Keenan. This shoddy behaviour will not be tolerated. Mr Keenan has been plodding away for more than five decades and this win is a well-deserved reward for his determination to continue trying despite his previous best result being a second handicap medal in a 1973 club 25.  Greenjersey says Well Done Dr. John. 

Time trial BAR champion John Keenan receives his trophy from Jim Henderson



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  1. m. wislon said

    Dr John Keenan is a well deserved winner. A little known fact was his work with blood analysis in the 70’s well before a certain Mr Ferrari or Conconi came along. It was his ground breaking research that revealed I posessed high levels of mediocrity in my blood.

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